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I caught a feebas in emerald (yay!) and I was hoping I could bring a Milotic to the elite four, but I was wondering if using chesto berry pokeblocks would be enough to max its beauty, or would I have to wait to get higher tiered pamtre berries from the berry master's wife after beating the elite four? It has a quiet, nature, so that helps in boosting dry/beauty pokeblocks too, right?

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You could evolve Feebas.

For every Pokéblock that a Pokémon eats, the value of the Pokéblock's feel is added to a number associated with the Pokémon (sometimes referred to as luster in the fan community). This number has a maximum of 255, and when it reaches that point, the Pokémon will no longer be able to eat any more Pokéblocks. [Feebas evolves at 170]


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I understand that much, but are chesto berries strong enough to fulfill the beauty level requirement before the feel level is maxed out? I tried it with bluk berries, but the problem stated above occurred.
Yes. Yes you can.