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Yes, yes, I've heard about the Shuckle power trick rollout jazz before. I want to know what the most powerful move would be WITHOUT the use of Power Trick, stat boosters, etc. And I'm talking about base power, not how much damage it can do. Mega Glalie's Explosion has a base power of 487.5. (If you want me to explain how, comment.) Is there any way another Pokemon could deal more damage only with the move and ability?

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Do you mean deal more damage with Glalie's Explosion? If so, the answer is no. If yes, the answer is still no.
No, I know that's the max damage it can do. I was thinking any other Pokemon's other moves.

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In Gen 5 and onward, yes.

Mega Glalie's Explosion, plus STAB, plus Refrigerate, gives you (250*1.5)1.3, equaling 487.5.

However, this is beat... by Explosion.

In Generation 4 and earlier, Explosion ignored half of the target's defense, giving it an effective Base Power of 500.

Couple this with STAB, and you get a whopping 750 base power!


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whoa, it really ignores half of the target's defense? I had no idea
+1 for learning something new today :D
Knew about the defense-halving :D
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A blatant no.

Explosion in itself is the strongest move and there's no competition to it. Now, the Mega Glalie is an ice type, has Refrigerate, and uses Explosion. Quite clearly it is the strongest move per base power. But the opponent's stats, your own stats and typings also come into play, so it isn't necessary that the strongest move in terms of BP will do the most damage all the time.

Hope I helped!