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In the anime I saw a episode where May gets her Bulbasaur and Ash asks Professor Oak to send his Bulbasaur's to play with May's but when the two became a team May'so Bulbasaur had heart like markings on its forehead while Ash's had a rectangular like markings,so are .......................................?

you just aswered your own question.
^ this, and I don't really understand the question.
No I didn't I was just asking

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Next time, you may want to make it more clear what you are asking. diamondroseangel clarified it for me, so I'll state what I think your question is and then answer it.

As far as I understood, your question was "Do individual Bulbasaur have different markings in the games?"

To which I can respond, no. They do not.
The only Pokemon whose markings vary in-game are Spinda.

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Taken straight from Bulbapedia:
"As a Bulbasaur, she (May's bulbasaur) was distinctive from Ash's Bulbasaur in three ways: she had a gentler personality, a pair of heart-shaped spots on her forehead and she was able to use the move Petal Dance as opposed to Ash's Bulbasaur's use of the technique Solar Beam.
She is also very fond of flowers. She became friends with Ash's Bulbasaur when Ash temporarily brought it to Hoenn in Hokey Poké Balls! and further bonded with it in The Right Place at the Right Mime, when May decided to leave her at Professor Oak's ranch. Eventually, after journeying to Johto, May got Bulbasaur back from Oak, and during her time away from Ash, she evolved twice into Ivysaur and Venusaur."

From this we can deduct a couple of things:
1) Ash sucks fat ones
2) Every Pokemon, be that in games or in the anime, is different regardless of sex and species, even among their similar.

Here are links for May's and Ash's Bulbasaur:

Hope this helped!

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In tandem to Torym's answer, in the anime and manga every separate Pokemon is different in some small way, even if they are the same species. These usually relate to colour changes such as the Pink Butterfree or markings, such as Mays Bulbasaur having heart markings on it's head unlike Ash's which is plain. In the games however, only some Pokemon have differences in appearance to others of their species. The main aesthetic differences are: Gender differences (for example, a male Gyarados has blue whiskers and a female Gyarados has white whiskers), Forme changes (For example Flabebe has multiple different colours, or Giratina has a different forme depending on whether it is holding the Griseous Orb), special Pokemon (for example the Spikey-eared Pichu from Pokemon HeartGold and SoulSilver), and Spinda (every Spinda has a unique pattern of spots generated by it's IVs and personality). Other differences are non-aesthetic, things such as IV's (individual values randomly generated upon encountering the Pokemon or hatching the Pokemon's egg), EV's (effort values which a Pokemon obtains upon defeating other Pokemon), Nature (a randomly generated nature that affects the Pokemon's stats), Ability (some Pokemon have multiple abilities), and lastly a PID (a hidden value that is generated based on the Pokemon's Ability, Nature and IV's). Those are pretty much all of the differences between Pokemon in the games and anime. Of course, there are moves too but that is an obvious one.