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I just caught a (wild) Poochyena with Ice fang, but no tackle. Is this what everyone else has experienced, or do I have a glitch?

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>'riased tail'
u wot m8
I don't know the proper term, but it's when Birch's child tells you about sneaking up on pokemon. You sneak up on a Poochyena tail sticking out of the grass. I caught this pokemon and found it had different moves
Is this in ORAS or RS?
oras. Sorry. changed the tag. didn't know oras was a tag

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Yes they do.

If you tiptoe up to Pokémon sticking out of the tall grass (using the circle pad), battle and then capture them, they may have "special moves".

>Occasionally, in tall grass, water or other places wild Pokémon pop up, you'll see the shadow of a Pokémon appear in the overworld. If you run toward it, it will disappear; instead, you have to sneak up on the Pokémon by slightly tilting the analog stick — another new feature for the series.

>Pokémon caught using that method are usually the rarest and highest level in a given area, and often feature moves that they normally wouldn't start out with.

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sweet. Thanks for the links. they're a big help, too
You're welcome :)