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Like the BW2 / XY threads, this is just a place to post extra information that Pokemaster misses.

  • First check the basic pages here.
  • Like before, only add information that Pokemaster missed and it's been a few days. He is usually aware of most new information as it happens. Don't forget to check the X&Y page above as well as the news on the front page.
  • Game stuff only, not anime (unless it relates to the games, e.g. new Pokemon appeared in the anime before it was revealed in the games).
  • Reliable sources only i.e. official sites like pokemon.com and pokemon.co.jp. Bulbapedia and Serebii are usually good also. No rumours! Please don't make any post without citing it as well. No youtube videos!
  • Maximum 2 images per answer and not huge ones.
  • Please keep the plot spoilers very low, thanks.
  • Note that answers are usually hidden once the news has been posted.

And of course, this page will contain SPOILERS so don't come here if you don't want to read them!

Hey you, actually READ the above before posting answers!

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This is for stuff confirmed by the developers. I'll convert it to a comment though since it seems interesting.
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What's wrong with me.
The bit where you've put "No youtube videos", you should put at the end of it "unless they're from an official Pokémon youtube account".
I wonder if there will be different sprites in OR/AS?
there sure will be awsome megas that is for sure....hopefully more than we got right now will be added.... i hope so

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This isn't the most important news, but....

Horde battles aren't restricted to wild Pokémon.

enter image description here

It seems that the villains have actually gotten smarter, and finally started ganging up on players.

'Horde battles' appear not only as wild battles, but can be trainer battles as well!

-Translated from the official Pokémon site.

Pokemaster seems to be fairly active, but I thought I would post this anyway because it doesn't seem to be on the US site.

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Good lord
Quick, take cover! The idiots have grown smart!
Imagine a horde battle against all the Champions, that would actually be challenging. O_O
They're only as smart as the wild pokemon, we'll only be in trouble when they try to take us on 50 to 1
Thats the whole thing, originally wild pokemon are much smarter than these fools xD
Wut :o... that's awesome! :D
They'll probably still be underlevelled as hell and Team Magma would die to any Surf. . _.
OR the first thing I'll do is get Surf, AS the first thing I'll do is get Discharge. #gg
^^ I read that as 'Or the first thing I'll do is get Surf as the first thing I'll do is get Discharge.'
Then I realised you were talking about the actual games.  xD
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It appears that you can get Pokemon with special moves if you tiptoe towards Pokemon like this!

If you tiptoe towards Pokemon like this(using the circle pad) and battle with and catch them they will have special moves. Like finding a Poochyena with Fire Fang, Lotad with Fake Out, and Zigzagoon with Charm

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Smart guy >.>
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  • Misc
  • X / Y will be compatible with ORAS, however X & Y will not receive a patch to include the new Mega Evolutions and Primal forms.
  • No trainer customization. Sad day.

  • New PokeNav Stuff

  • The DexNav in the PokéNav Plus has a search level as you find Pokémon. As this Level increases, you can find Pokémon with Hidden Abilities & Rare moves. You can even mark Pokémon in the area that you have seen and haven't seen.

  • In the AreaNav, there is also tracking of Pokémon locations, as well as the return of the Trainer's Eyes and the ability to keep track of Secret Bases and Berries
  • Buzz Nav has information such as television shows, and you can even receive information for it with StreetPass
  • The PlayNav retains all features of the PSS, Super Training and Pokémon Amie

  • Wifi

  • VGC 15: All battles will be Double Battles, and will feature Pokémon listed in the Hoenn Regional Pokédex in Pokémon Omega Ruby and Pokémon Alpha Sapphire.
  • Some other Global Link League, with similar rules as '15, probably singles

  • [New Trailer][1]

From Serebii.
[1]: https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=RFvxSvPIw5c

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