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Every single Pokemon I need or want is set at an unreasonable price, like a Magikarp for an Arceus or Victini, or a Snorlax for a Diancie. I'm having a difficult time finding somewhere to trade Pokemon for a reasonable trade. I'm currently on a 4 day journey looking for a reasonable place to be for equal trades. Any help?

You can always put up your own trade on the GTS. You'll only be able to have 1 trade at a time, but the reason why you only see unreasonable trades is because people snap up the reasonable ones really fast, since they're a) actually desirable and b) relatively rare.

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Go onto something like Raptr or GBATemp and start a thread/discussion to gather peoples friend codes for general trading, or you can do a request forum on one of those. I have a request forum on Raptr (under the username SPANKxDAxMONKEY) on the Pokemon X and Y pages if you want to make a request. The only in game place is the GTS though I'm afraid.

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But seriously, thank you so much. I haven't seen any other forums regarding to this. It's a pretty serious issue, and I really need people to be serious about pokemon trades
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If you haven´t already tried it try using Pokemon showdowns "Wi-Fi" room. Its a chatroom on Showdown entirely for online purpouses and mostly trading.


Fro there just click in to one the Wi-Fi.