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If anybody is interested, this is for Lucario with ability Justified and moves Extremespeed, Bullet Punch, Stone Edge, and whatever fighting move you guys convince me is best.


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Well for a Lucario I would sau aura sphere would be better, however you are useing a physical set. Hi jump kick is stronger however if you were to miss there goes half of ur HP or more! But if you give him wide lens the accuracy goes up to 99% which means it will hit (mostly) everytime. It will also go good with stone edges accuracy as well which is another plus! Close Combat has no bad accuracy but has the Defense's drop. But if you out speed the opponent (which won't be all the time) then this won't be a problem.

But to my opinion I would go with HJK. :)

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Don't forget that Lucario has base 70 defenses. Even with his typing, that's not going to help him too much. Personally, I'd go with Close Combat. It's more reliable with respect to accuracy. With Hi Jump Kick, you risk taking damage upon missing, making him even less effective. Close Combat does drop his defenses, but you're not gonna use Lucario's defenses anyway, so it's no real loss. You have priority moves if you suspect the foe plans to use them as well, and Lucario has decent speed, so he can outspeed a good amount of Pokemon.

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