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Right now, I have a 6IV Naughty Shiftry that knows Defog in the daycare, holding an Everstone. It is breeding with a 6IV Ditto holding a Destiny Knot. I am MMing for a Naughty 5IV Seedot with Defog and Chlorophyll. I read on Bulbapedia that starting in Gen V, the offspring has a higher chance of having the mother's ability in all non-Ditto pairs. So my question is, if I was to switch them out with a male and female 6IV Naughty Seedot with Defog, and the female had Chlorophyll, (and each have their respective items attached), would the offspring always be 5IV, Naughty, and Defog, like the last batches, except with a higher chance of having Chlorophyll?

Sorry if it's convoluted :P


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Basically, yes. Using a female Pokemon to breed will always have a higher chance of the offspring inheriting the mother's ability. I did this with Huge Power Marills, and 4/5 times the offspring had Huge Power because their mother did.

As for items, as long as a Naughty Seedot holds the Everstone and the other Seedot holds the Destiny Knot, 5 IVs are guaranteed to pass down. As for egg move, as long as either parent has Defog, the offspring will have Defog.

However, if you get 2 Seedots that you bred, you will get less eggs appearing at the day care. Just remember that Pokemon with the same OT produce less eggs.

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Oh, good call. And I wouldn't be MMing anymore, too. I don't think I'll be switching him out after all. If my shiny one does have early bird, then Ability Capsule to the rescue.