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When I say this, I'm not meaning Pokemon in the same egg group. I'm meaning that if I mate a daughter Tyrunt (because I liked her nature, I'm gonna put an eviolite on her) with the Tyrunt father that made her egg, will it automatically say the two have no interest in each other?

And you can go ahead and harp me for incest all you want. A person tends to lose all humanity when striving to get the perfect pokemon. U_U

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Dude, yes.
You can and will have no problem about it.
I mean, it sounds wrong, but it's all in your head.
There is NO problem with making a father bang his daughter.
None at all.

... here are some links, you monster

EDIT: joking aside, if my statement was unclear, in game you'll have no problem with incest. I made a female charizard hatch some charmander's eggs which just so happens to be one of the children born from the previous eggs cycle.
Wrong? yes.
Useful? hell yes.

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+1 for the Yes and Hell Yes part. Got me good ;)
holy dumpcicles, this was by far the most quickest, most informant answer i have ever recieved. this person needs a raise
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Just adding this because it's kind of interesting: while you can do this in the later games, G/S/C actually did have a mechanism to prevent father/daughter and mother/son incest. In those games, the Defense IV was always passed down from the opposite-gender parent, and the Special IV of the child was always the same or differed by exactly 8 from the opposite-gender parent's. When determining breeding compatibility, the game then checked if the Defense IV matched and the Special IV was the same or differed by exactly 8, and if that was the case, they would prefer to play with the other Pokémon than with each other and never produce an egg. The normal odds of two Pokémon being incompatible in this way were 1/128, but it would always prevent you from mating a Pokémon to its own parent.

That said, you could still mate a Pokémon to its sibling, grandparent, etc.