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  1. Fish in Laverre until female Poliwag. False swipe Poliwag and catch.
  2. Catch male Mr. Mime. (Call this Mr.)
  3. Catch female Spinda. (Call this Spi)
  4. Breed Spi and Mr.
  5. Hatch egg. Baby Spi should have encore from Mr. and is male.
  6. Catch female Psyduck. (Psy)
  7. Breed Psy and baby Spi.
  8. Baby Psy has Spi's encore and is male.
  9. Breed Poliwag and Baby Psy.

Will the offspring of Psy and Poliwag have encore?


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Yes. On poliwag's egg move page, it says you can get encore by breeding rather than leveling up. And psyduck is one of its compatible parents. So, I'm pretty sure it will work!

Hope I helped! :)

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Thank you. This is very clear for me. I didn't want to run into the problem with Eevee and slowpoke again haha.