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It only heals hp and pp of still not yet fainted Pokemon so far this is my moveset for cresselia
moon blast Coverage on dark and dragon
psychic STAB
moon light Heals
lunar dance ???

I barely use it cause I only switch Pokemon when I know I cant beat the Pokemon
also since cresselia is very slow and i'm on red health wouldn't the other Pokemon go first or have priorty. also I always get it off time so I usually die before I could use it so should I get rid of it or not I usually dont like having a legendary Pokemon without a signiture move thats a reason a hate celebi and mew also can you tell me a list of signiture moves that are just as bad as this one.



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Lunar Dance
> The user faints but the next Pokémon released is fully healed.

Healing Wish
> The user faints and the next Pokémon released is fully healed.

Lunar Dance is exactly the same as Healing Wish, only it has a better name. Healing Wish is a fantastic late-game support move. Use it when you need to bring back that 13% HP Terrakion to win the game. Healing Wish is a common move on Mega Lopunny, Mega Latias and Jirachi t ouse when they have outlived their usefulness.

So to answer your question, yes Lunar Dance is viable on support Cress. However, you seem to be running an offensive Cresselia. That's not her best playstyle, but whatever floats your boat. Lunar Dance is still useable, but Ice Beam would probably be a better fit. Here is a moveset for Support Cress:

[email protected] Leftovers

Ability: Levitate
EVs: 252 HP / 112 Def / 148 SDef
Bold Nature
- Lunar Dance
- Moonlight
- Toxic
- Psyshock/Moonblast

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I have a SubCM Salac Berry Cress w/ Lunar Dance on the moveset page lol
thanks so much!