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Was wondering if this happens to everyone or just me..
say I was battling someone and for some reason I go for a stupid move, misclick or don't switch out when I should have I try to press the cancel button and change it. I do this, thinking that it has worked, but almost every single time the change is not made and I usually lose the battle because of it.

what i do: select the move i want to change it to, then cancel that one and select another one, then cancel that one and select what i want to use. this usually fixes the problem for me

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Yea that happens a lot to me to but what I found out that if you misclick then change your decision it needs time to process so if you change your move and you opponent hasn't chosen yet it has a chance of changing but for now on I'd just be careful what you do

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I'll see if it works next time Patriced ;)
If both players have chosen moves and one hits cancel, the server, which was processing the move choices, goes ahead with the battle as if nothing happened. If you cancel when the other player has not yet chosen, it properly works. Generally it is better to think about your move choice before doing anything, as using the cancel button while the battle is being calculated just causes lag.
Thanks as well @GeoTruth