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Will it get a boost in spite of a gap after attacking or it will not get a boost.

Same applies for recharging moves.


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>When this item is held by a Pokémon, if the holder uses a move multiple times consecutively, its power is boosted by 10% of its original power. The effect stops increasing after the 10th turn and resets if another move is used.

The answer is that you'll still get the boost regardless of the charge. The only way you'll lose your boost is if you switch out or change moves.

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you are kind of going off the topic.I am talking about 2 turn moves like solar beem not different moves.
I did not go off topic, you read wrong. The boost applies to all moves as long as it's used more than once.
I think he means if he uses a move and the uses something like solar beam which requires a charge. Does the charge break the metronome
The charge does not break the metronome, it'll only break when you switch up moves. Thus where the word "Consecutively" comes into play.
Then that should be a viable answer to this question
That is what I was trying too tell.