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Hey guys! So, I really want a sheer force Feraligatr. I noticed Seel and my Blaziken (hidden ability) can have offspring, and so can Feraligatr and Seel. Can I receive a HA Seel and breed it with my Feraligatr to make a HA Totodile? New to breeding for abilities.

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To get a Totodile with Sheer Force you will need the Feraligatr to be one of two things
1. The mother, The mother has an 80% chance of passing her ability to her offspring.
2. If Male, breeding with a ditto you still have the chance to pass it down but not as likely unlike the mother

Breeding with any mon with its hidden ability and excepting it to have its hidden ability doesn't work like that.

Having a male seel with his HA and female Feraligatr with torrent will result always result in torrent Totodile

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don't you mean male Feraligatr (so want to make bad jokes!)
it should be male seel since he wants a feraligatr
crud! what a novice mistake, that's embarrassing
I don't think he's saying you had a novice mistake. Maybe he is, but I don't think so.
i'm fairly certain he was saying that he made a novice mistake with his attempt to correct your breeding pair with his first comment