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Hi there, I am currently trying to breed a 5iv dratini with marvel scale (HA) and adamant nature in Pokemon X. Imaginative, I know, but I've just picked up a 3ds system for the first time ever. I currently have two dratinis in the day care, one male and one female. They both have their hidden ability (marvel scale), and both have adamant nature, and between them have the 5ivs I would like. The male is holding on to a destiny knot, while the female is holding on to an everstone.

Now, it is my understanding that 80% of eggs should have the same ability as their mother. However, I'm finding that only about 1/4 to 1/3 of my hatches have the same ability, with 19 of 25 getting shed skin, despite neither parent having it.

Am I doing something wrong? or am I just getting seriously unlucky?


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Your misunderstanding is slightly in the overall concept

  • The Everstone handles the nature of the Pokemon, so your offspring should always have Adamant as its nature
  • For the Destiny Knot, 5 out of the 12 combined IV's from both parents will be randomly selected and distributed to the offspring, so you may not always get the IV's you want every time
  • The HA transfer, from Gen 5 onward, has a 60% (no longer 80%) transfer from the female Pokemon; however when any Pokemon (regardless of male/genderless) with a HA is bred with a Ditto, it will have it's HA passed down. But since you need both Dratini's - because they have the IV's you need - you have to stick with the 60% probability

Hope I helped! :)

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The everstone doesn't affect abilities. The only thing it does in breeding is causing Pokemon to pass natures to their children.
I meant that, my mistake. Edited!