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If you look on Volt Tackle's page it says Pichu can learn Volt Tackle via Special/Event. I know its the only way to get it but by the same method (sorta) it should say Magikarp can learn Dragon Rage (I think) in Gen 1 there was a Japan exclusive event (to like 20 people) where a magikarp was given not only Splash but also Dragon Rage (or some other Dragon move) Here's how I know that. Just sayin' and wondering.

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This is because Magikarp's ORAS moveset page (the first one you see when you view Magikarp on the DB) only shows those moves that it can legally get in ORAS. This means that all moves it could have learned, from FireRed/LeafGreen and R/S/E to ORAS will be included.

But the Dragon Rage event (the University Magikarp) happened in the Red/Blue/Green versions of the game. Any Pokemon from these games is not transferable to ORAS, hence making it an illegal move on Magikarp. So that's out.

However, there was also a more recent Black/White event in which Hydro Pump Magikarp was distributed. Now as for why that's not there I'm not sure.

Hope this helped in some way!

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Yeah but on Dragon Rage's page it doesn't list Magikarp under Special/Event Moves
Thats because the page itself only features legally obtainable moves in ORAS, which is not the case with Dragon Rage.