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So you know how if you leave two Pokemon of the same species in the day care, and one of them knows an egg move, and the other has an empty move slot, the Pokemon can get the egg move, (example: one Pikachu that knows Fake out and another Pikachu that has an empty move slot). Would the same work with Volt Tackle, which technically isn't an egg move, but a move leaned by breeding?


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According to this Reddit Thread, it cannot.

So far I've been able to transfer Fake Out to my Gigantamax Pikachu from another Pikachu that has Volt Tackle, but I haven't been able to transfer VT itself, even to other regular Pikachus

I used light balls held by two pikachus and ran around for about 30 minutes. Still no transfer.

Also see this question for ways to actually get Volt Tackle on a Pikachu.

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Volt tackle is the signatue move of Pikachu line.Volt tackle can be taught to pikachu by breeding two pikachus (one male and female).make sure the female has lightball as the held item before leaving them at the day-care.The egg you get will hatch into a pichu knowing volt tackle.
additional info : the pikanium z upgrades volt tackle to catastropika

There is no egg involved in the scenario described by the question -- it is a matter of transferring Volt Tackle from one existing Pikachu to another. (A mechanic was introduced in Sword/Shield which could feasibly have made this possible.)
And as an aside, Z Moves don't exist in Gen 8.
sorry i did not know it was gen 8 and sorry for wasting your time.SORRY