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I know how to get volt tackle on a pichu, get a female with a light ball and breed it with a ditto to get a pichu with volt tackle, but are you able to transfer it to another pichu, pikachu, and raichu? I have a Raichu that I used throughout my playthrough and I have a heart for the Pokemon I use, so i'm planning on givng it Volt tackle, so if I breed a volt tackle pichu, evovle it to raichu, will I be able to transfer the move?


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If you want another electric mouse with Volt Tackle, get a female Pichu/Pikachu/Raichu with Volt Tackle, put the girl in the daycare with the male. Make sure the male has a moveslot empty so that it can inherit Volt Tackle. If not, go to the move forgetter. After you put them both in the daycare, just wait for a few minutes. Be sure to check the male's moves every ~45 seconds.

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Wait so I really don't need a light ball?! All I just need is a female VT Pikachu!!?? THAT MAKES THINGS SO MUCH BETTER OH WOW THANKS!!
No problem. Just let me know if it works :)
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However, Volt Tackle is not an Egg Move, and cannot be passed down by simply breeding with a parent that knows the move. The only way for Pichu to hatch knowing Volt Tackle is for one of the parents to hold a Light Ball.


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No, I think you're right. I keep forgetting about that mechanic.