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i have Pokemon oras and i'm trying to capture every Pokemon no cheats and all I need are 11 but sadly these are the hardest legendaries to get is there any way to get volcanion, hoopa, meloetta, genesect, mew, arceus, manaphy, keldeo, victini, shaymin, celebi without cheats and no trades because gts asks for the same Pokemon you want.

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You could get a friend who has these and let him trade them to you. This registers them in your pokedex. Then just give them back.

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they are all event Pokemon, so you have to wait for an event to get them. see this link for events http://serebii.net/events/ .

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Event Pokémon. Certain events that are held to get these are ur best bet. They can't be caught in the games themselves. Unless one of ur friends trade with you these Pokémon(and you keep them or trade them back), you have to get them at an event.

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