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How does one evolve from Riolu to Lucario in PMD: EoS? Whenever I go to Luminous Spring, it says that the only Pokémon I can evolve is my Spinarak. I am a Riolu and a Vulpix. I know to evolve Vulpix I need a Fire Stone, but what do I need to evolve Riolu?


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Heres in steps
1. Have you're IQ at least 1 1/2 stars
2. Obtain a sun ribbon
3. Beeat and recruit Diagla
4. Beat and recruit Palkia
5. Have manaphy join you're team and show you marine resort
6. Beat Darkrai.

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Oh dang O.O Thanks for the answer
you can remove beat and recruit diagla because i was able to evole and i didn't even need to beat diagla but you do need to beat palkia