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>The first images from CoroCoro have leaked and have revealed the first details about the upcoming movie, The Archdjinni of the Rings - Hoopa, due for release in Japan in Summer 2015. ~ Serebii

There you go. The next Pokémon movie will feature Hoopa and a crap ton of other Legendaries. It is unknown when the North American/European release date is.

enter image description here

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I cant wait!
How much do you want to bet that Ash won't remember any of these Legendaries?

gosh" - Ash
"Pikaaaa. (You idiot.)" - Pikachu
ha! dude I see it now!
Soo many legends >.<
I love how the Latios is looking into Groudon's mouth like 'wth ?'
Or is that just me ?
Personally I love how Hoopa is there being all epic and Arceus, who created all Pokemon, is there in the background.
But he is glowing majestically!
This Movie actually seems interesting
It's just a college reunion of all the past Legendaries.

Also, do you think they'll try to tie this movie into the other movies? If so, then the Latios on the poster could be the Latios that died in Pokémon Heroes, brought back to life by Hoopa.