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I have a drifblim and I am trying to breed the ability unburden on it (which is not a HA) and it currently has the ability aftermath, could it get the ability unburden (other non HA ability) because I have not got one wih the ability so far. Also please list the percentage chance to get it with unburden if possible thanks!


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But there's an 80% chance that Aftermath would be passed down instead, as I'm guessing the mother Pokemon (Drifblim) has Aftermath as well. So the offspring has only a 20% chance of having Unburden.

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So if it had unburden would it be a 80% chance to get unburden drifblim?
Also thank you for answering again!
Yep, you got that right.
Thx 4 answering four of my questions! (See what I did there)