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I am not looking to know how Pikachu can learn fly, I know it does as an event Pokemon.
I would like to know how can Pikachu fly.

I feel like going all Volcarona - Magnet Rise again now.
Genesect tho

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With balloons of course!
enter image description here
Note: This is not just the cards, Flying Pikachu uses ballons in the games to fly. Where he gets them from is unknown however.
Source: http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Pikachu_variants#Flying_Pikachu

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"By learning how to fly, Pikachu overcame its weakness to Fighting Pokémon"
Since when is Pikachu weak to Fighting-type Pokemon? :P
anyways, thanks for the fast answer :)
Game Freak consistency for you right there.
Actually, in TCG, many Electric types are weak to Fighting types (which includes all Fighting, Rock and GROUND types). Mostly the once that don't fly. But those that do, don't have a Fighting weakness. So when this Pikachu laid hands on balloons, it lost it's Fighting weakness.

Don't miss the point though. Game Freak consistency is still very existent </3
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Both Pokemon Adventures and Pokemon Stadium show pikachu flying via balloons.

Thank you as well.