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I have a Archen in XY that knows fly that I taught by HM. However, this site says Archen can't learn fly. But I got the fossil legitimately and I don't hack or cheat. So how did this happen?

Archeops can… maybe it was bred down?
I don't think it was bred down according to http://pokemondb.net/pokedex/archen/egg , but maybe it was a glitch. Not really sure.
Are you sure it's an Archen and not an Archeops?
@Sumwun yes, it was a Archen.
@Astronautical I never evolved it. And I obtained my only Archen by fossil.
I guess it could also be caused by a previous owner tampering with the game
It never had a previous owner. And my 3DS is broken.

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There is no legitimate way. Most likely a glitch, because I checked and it said nowhere it could learn fly.

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