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Im breeding my sableye with an alakazam to get recover but I'm not getting it I just get scratch and leer.


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In order to breed Recover onto Sableye you need to do the following:

1) Have a male Alakazam with and a female Sableye
2) Make absolutely sure that Alakazam has Recover
3) Put the two lovebirds in the Day-Care
4) Run around a bit
5) Get the resulting Egg and hatch it
6) Voila! Sableye with Recover!

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"3) Put the two lovebirds in the Day-Care"
Yes please :)
I think points 2 - 6 are kind of implied/obvious xD
Thanks the alakazam was female and the sableye was male. :D
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Check you Alakazam for the following things:

  • Is it male?
  • Did it have Recover the time you put it in the Day Care with the Sableye? Note that it should still have Recover, and that it shouldn't lose the move while breeding. To ensure it's passage, keep it as the top move on Alakazam

More than 90% of the time, one of these is the problem. If not, then you have glitched up the game somehow.

Hope I helped!