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I have 3 Pokemon set in stone. Garchomp Gardevoir and Togekiss. But between Crobat, Tyranitar, Gyrados and Haxorus, I can only pick 3. The obvious choice is to leave Crobat out, but he has Sky Attack + power herb which causes serious damage..I'm stuck on which team of 6 to use. Any help?


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Contrary to what you think, keeping Crobat, Tyranitar and Gyrados is the better choice.

Crobats poison typing gives some good coverage over fairy's (your team has many fairy weaknesses.) and life orb brave bird is a monster.
Tyranitar has sand stream to support Garchomp, or it's mega. And his dark typing supports Gardevoirs big weakness to gengar.
Gyrados is there just because of it's intimidate ability, which is an almost must have in doubles. And can give an advantage.

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I like your thinking, but what about doing the Sky Attack + Red Herb on Crobat? Then doing normal Brave Bird afterwards? Its weaker but the Sky Attack is huge damage. I'm thinking of Life Orbing Gardevoir for Dazzling Gleam, to get massive damage to both opponents.
It's up to you. This was only my opinion. But how about assault vest on Gardevoir?
My idea with the Assault vest was to go on Tyranitar. Because of his ability when he's in a sandstorm, his sp. Defense goes up, add on the assault vest, he's a special defense tank.