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So I'm trying to recreate a Dream I had. The opposing trainer had a Giratina-Origin and Urshifu and I had mons like Empoleon, Luxray, Roserade, and Togekiss. Is there a format I can use these Pokemon in a Double Battle, like a custom game or something?

I'm not getting this question, if you want to play in doubles, there is Gen 8 Doubles Custom Game, why not play it there?
There is? How come I've never seen it before? How do I get to it?
/challenge (username) gen8doublesubers @@@ +empoleon works
Added the needful in the answer. Apparently you can't get it in the builder choices, you have to manually edit it.
e: @kiawe sniped lol.

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Alrighty I got it now.

Currently, there are two ways to do this.
First is Doubles Custom Game, and to get the format, you'll have to manually edit in the Backup All Teams option in the builder, which is a bit confusing especially if you're exploring the builder for the first time. And to play it, you'll have to use the /challenge command.
Secondly, if you challenge your opponent with the following command:
/challenge gen8doublesubers [username] @@@ +empoleon +[whatever other Pokémon you want which is not in the Galar Dex]
you'll be able to battle with any Pokémon in the National Dex in the doubles format.

Hope it helped!

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Ah okay. I haven't been on Showdown for a while, so I don't excactly get the first one, but I'll be sure to try the second one. Thanks both of you.
Happy to help! The first option is available when you scroll down to the bottom of the builder, btw, there'll be a button-like thing with the text "Backup/Restore all teams" (you can do Cmnd + F or Ctrl + F to search it if you have a huge builder, I do the same lol), and over there, you can edit the format. Do I add how to edit in the answer? Lmk and I'll do it.
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From what I know, there isn't an actual format which allows all six of the Pokemon you've mentioned to be valid other than Doubles Custom Game, as there's no National Dex Doubles format.

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