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Is there a rare chance of a Pokemon being shiny? Are there any announced events for them? Are shiny Pokemon in the expert stages? etc.


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I am very certain there are no shiny Pokemon in shuffle. There haven't been in previous games (Such as Pokemon Link (Yes, a Pokemon game)) and the pokedex (Pokémon List) for these games do not seem to have the data to store shiny Pokemon.
Source: Past experience

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So you're basing your answer on past games?
I actually believe it does. I may be wrong, but there is a glowing yellow torchic on my map screen. Although I am not a "Pro" at the game yet, I think it does.
It's just an odd coloration for that shade of orange. Vulpix looks the same.
but for my torchic it is a diff color then it says on its identification in pokemon shuffle
Yes, certain events can allow you to catch shiny pokemon, but that is the only way to get them as far as I know. Currently there is an event going on that can let you catch a shiny Magikarp and Gyrados. Hope this helps!