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So, thanks to the download of 1000000 copies, they've released an event where you check in to get a Complexity -1 gift/ Can you receive this more than once? It ends on March 30.


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Short answer? No. You cannot get it more than once.

Source: Me. I have Checked In every day since the event and only gotten one - 1 Complexity.

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Once per day, or once in general at the first time?
Once in a lifetime. One forever. Only one. Uno. Index finger. Number of Groots in the galaxy. One per infinity.

There is only ONE Batman.

I think you get the idea :)
Yep thanks!
Umm, what exactly is the Complexity -1 event from Pokemon Shuffle? Sorry, i'm a noob, i know...
Pokémon Shuffle is a free-to-play, Bejeweled-esque Pokémon puzzle game, and Complexity -1 is one of the various power-ups. It removes one type of Pokémon from the puzzle area.