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I just realised that since I have a second 3DS I can use it to StreetPass with my first one. Which I have done so and seen the Mii in the plaza etc.

But I'm not seeing anything in Pokemon Shuffle. I believe you're supposed to gain extra hearts but I'm not getting any. The StreetPass option in the settings is turned on. Do I need to do something else to register SPs in Shuffle?

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If StreetPass is enabled and not working it's time to debug. Here are the steps I would take.

  1. First make sure both 3DS have Pokemon Shuffle installed with StreetPass enabled.
  2. Restart your 3DS. I know it's not Windows but StreetPass is an OS level feature. A restart may give it the kick needed to start working again.
  3. Turn street pass off. Then on again. (also try turning off close the app then turn back on).
  4. You may need to have different accounts for each 3DS.
  5. Make sure your wifi is enabled on both your systems.
  6. Remove the app and install it again.
  7. Install another StreetPass app and see if it works (like Pokemon Rumble World). If it doesn't it may be a global 3ds settings that is blocking StreetPass.

That's all I got for now.

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Thanks! Turns out you need Shuffle on both systems. Had my 3DS for years and only just realising this!
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Are you not seeing your second 3DS/other people streetpass listed at all under the Streetpass profile thing where it shows you statistics and stuff?
For one thing, you only gain hearts via a certain number of people you have streetpassed, not every one.

Edit: You only gain hearts every tenth streetpass after first and second; full chart here.

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Thanks, but it says you get 1 Jewel for the first SP but I haven't gotten that. Ther SP is registered on the 3DS itself (and in Mii Plaza) but there's nothing in Shuffle about StreetPass.