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Pokèmon White - on the electric bulletin boards it says that there is a outbreak on route 8 buy I've been there and it doesn't look there is, any ideas?


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Everyday, there will be a new Pokemon outbreak, these outbreaks are also 'swarms'.
Swarms are groups of Pokemon that appear on a certain place that normally do not appear there.
What you have there on Route 8 is a swarm, so there will be a new kind of Pokemon that normally do not appear there.

For more information on swarms in Pokemon Black and White, read through this link!


Thank you, but I've had a look around the area and I can only find the normal original pokemon that are there, is there a way you can detect where the outbreak is?
I'm not sure if it's a specific patch of grass or not, but l'm pretty sure that doesn't matter.
Are you sure there aren't any?
Because l'm not sure about Black and White yet, but in the older games, the swarm Pokemon appeared right away.
I'll check again but I'm quite sure, does water terrain count?
Yes, l'm sure surfing on water will count, because there will be wild encounters there as well.
I'll check it out and I'll let you know :)
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There is in general only one Pokemon that appears in a swarm for each route. It will just appear in the grass or sand or water on that route, depending on what it is.

The Pokemon that appears in swarms on Route 8 is Croagunk, see here: http://pokemondb.net/location/unova-route-8

So you should just see it walking around in the grass. Try a few different areas and see how you go. However, by now the swarm has probably ended and it will say a new place.