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[email protected] banetite
ability: frisk
evs: 252 attack; 132 def; 124 sp def
nature: + def; - sp atk
-cotton gaurd
-shadow claw
-knock off

should I eliminate cotton gaurd for something else?


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If Banette has Cotton Guard and this is in-game, don't take it away. Defensive Mega Banette works too, with the following set:

Banette @ Banettite
Ability: Cursed Body -> Prankster
Careful Nature
EVs: 252 HP / 4 Atk / 252 SpD
-Cotton Guard
-Shadow Claw

Cotton Guard boosts your Defense to insane levels, and with SpD investment, you're nearly untouchable. Taunt breaks Toxic stalkers, Toxic allows you to put residual damage on the foe, and Shadow Claw is your one attack.

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i need protect because prankster affects only on the turn after megavolution.
also, on showdown, it said to have cotton gaurd i need cursed body.
Using shadow claw on normal type?
You can Toxic stall normal types, or just switch. And honestly, you can't put Protect on this set. Each move is vital. You just need to play strategically. You can mega evolve on a special attacker.