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If you post your answer with a yes or a no, then please prove your answer with an explanation on why you think Volcarona is good or bad. Anyway, I haven't tried using Volcarona in competetive single yet, so please tell me if it is good or not.

Remember, this is for single battles.

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Yes, he is a very viable for singles, as long as you have a defogger or rapid spinner.
He can be a special sweeper or special tank, and on sun teams he kicks butt.

[email protected] leftovers
ability: flame body
evs: 252 sp atk; 200 hp; 48 def; 4 sp def
nature: + def; - atk
-fire blast
-bug buzz
-psychic/ solar beam
-morning sun

[email protected] focus sash
ability: swarm ( goes great with focus sash)
evs: 252 speed; 252 atk; 4 hp
nature: + speed; - atk
-quiver dance (set up, focus sash protects, then swarm)
-bug buzz
-flamethrower ( more accurate, can't risk missing)
-psychic, solar beam

he works very well with quiver dance, focus sash, and swarm, and good for mono-fire teams against mono-dark/ psychic.

Hope I Helped!!!

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Thanks for the answer, but I don't find Volcarona as a tank. Threats like Aerodactyl can obliterate Volcarona with a Rock-type move. The sweeper set is excellent! Again, thanks!
no problemo
Thank s for the set, but volcarona has terrible attack and your move set doesn’t include any physical moves, so I would be train half speed and sp defense over attack