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I am nearing the Darkrai mission in Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Sky, and from what I remember from Explorers of Darkness, he's one tough cookie. It took me dozens of attempts. This time I think I have a slightly more favourable matchup (Riolu + Vulpix as opposed to Meowth + Squirtle), but here are the things that I believe will give me issues:

  • Cresselia. In Darkness, Cress was always the one who used up all of my Reviver Seeds before we could get to the boss fight. Is there a way to keep he alive better?

  • I can't bring my BFF Spinarak, who has the best coverage of my whole team. My lv. 80 Mewtwo wouldn't hurt either.

  • Limited bag size means that I can't bring everything that I need. I'm always short on Oran Berries, Max Elixers, or Foe-Fear Orbs (darned Monster Houses).

  • Cresselia keeps fainting (did I say that already?)

  • I am plagued by Mismagius attacking my team from the walls in a narrow passageway. I have a Mobile Scarf, but moving through walls severely lowers my Belly. Is there a way to hit her while she's inside the wall?

This is what I'm afraid will happen again. Here's what I have going for me:

  • Riolu knows Brick Break, Rock Slide, Quick Attack and Wide Slash. Brick Break handles Darkrai, Magcargo, Rhyperior and Aggron. Rock Slide handles Magmortar. Quick Attack lets me get some chip damage, and Wide Slash for when I'm getting swarmed.

  • Vulpix knows Fire Blast, Extrasensory, Wide Slash and Roar. Fire Blast doesn't do much but be strong. Extrasensory is weak against Darkrai and Mismagius (I suppose I could switch it for Feint Attack). Wide Slash for crowd control and, if I limit her to Roar, I can buy myself some extra turns of healing.

  • I've figured out the optimal number of Apples to take, so I can maximize my Reviver Seeds and Oran Berries.

  • I have two Riolu-specific items, an Emit Ring (increases damage done to Ghost-types with Fighting/Normal moves) and a Valiant Rock (slightly increases Defence and Sp. Defence). I also have one Vulpix-specific item, a Glowing Bow (halves damage taken from Special attacks). Is it a good strategy swapping for more of these, or are they not worth the item space?

It's been a few years since Explorers of Darkness, and I'm older and wiser. However, I still fear that Darkrai will wipe the floor with me. Any strategies (hopefully that you've used) would be much appreciated!

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Tbh the most favourable Pokemon in PMD games is Bulbasaur; Sleep Powder is OP'd man.

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Explorers of Sky may just be my all time favorite game and I fondly recall smashing the Darkrai mission but it required a lot of patience. I think many people struggle with it (it is pretty difficult) because they go in with all guns blazing which is an issue I had in Darkness. I'd spend a fair bit before going into the dungeon on items like Reviver Seeds but I never bought enough and when I did, I didn't think of how to go about the final boss battle.

So in Sky I decided to grind it out a bit. Its not exactly a short term answer but it is something that would be easily achievable after a good few hours of grinding. The way I went about it was by first making sure I had more than enough items to keep me alive (I mean like a lot more than what you would otherwise believe to be enough). If you gather like 10+ reviver seeds, you've got no chance of losing. These can be gathered quite easily by trading items, finding them on cave floors, buying them or receiving them as rewards for beating criminals. By playing through side missions to get Reviver Seeds, you are also leveling up your Pokemon. I wouldn't reccomend really going in below level 50. You shouldn't have too many problems at lv55+.
Anything that will enhance your Pokemon will also help. Stat boosting items and IQ enhancing is highly recommended.

I can't recommend much for getting through the actual cave because its very RNG based hence why I recommend you bring so many Reviver Seeds, these can be used over Apples if need be. What I would reccomend is play it very safe. Don't engage with a Pokemon if avoidable, if your team mates are in danger make sure to change their strategy etc. You also have a Vulpix that can learn Imprison which will keep a Pokemon halted allowing you to just leave the battle pretty much.

As for beating Darkrai, first target the biggest threats. I find that throwing a stun seed at Darkrai first is helpful as it allows you to take down the henchmen then target the Darkrai. The biggest threats would be Rhyperior and Magcaro because they use Earth power which is damaging to your whole team. Then it would be smart if you could get Vulpix to target the Arbok and Mismagius whilst Riolu (you I'm assuming) deals with Aggron and Magmortar. I'm not sure if you can change Cresselia's strategy but if possible, get it out of the battle. However Cres shouldn't be an issue because you should still have plenty of Reviver Seeds by the time you get to that point which is why I recommend grinding it out for them. When it comes to just beating Darkrai, you shouldn't have too much trouble. You can get Vulpix to Imprison it or you could bring Stun Seeds like Recommended above. Riolu should have little trouble being able to hit SE and resist Darkrai's attacks. You can actually block the path of Cresselia so it doesn't get involved with the battle with Darkrai.

I've not played the game in a while so I may have forgotten one of the henchmen but I think the above advice is pretty good. It allowed me to beat Darkrai first time with my Shinx and Riolu.

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Thanks a mil! I'm usually overprepared and bring 12+ Reviver Seeds on normal missions, so I guess I'm fine there. Also, my Riolu is Lv. 61 and Vulpix is Lv. 62. Do you recommend Stun Seeds over X-Eye Seeds? Those are what I used to defeat Drowzee, Dialga, Palkia, and Regigigas. Thanks for pointing out the henchmen I should prioritize. My Bag has 48 slots atm, so I can hold plenty of Reviver Seeds.

Explorers of Sky is probably my most adored game in the world.
X-eyed seeds are the one that makes it attack it's own teammates right?
Multicoloured clouds poof around its head, then it wanders around and does not attack for a while. I use it to get some Oran Berries in, or to snipe with Quick Attack / Iron Thorn. I think you're thinking of Totter Seed, which confuses the target.

Maybe I should just bring a bunch of Doom Seeds and reduce Darkrai's level to 1 :D
hmmm I thought the x-eyed seed made the consumer see nothing but substitutes (meaning it targets anyone it sees). Maybe I'm wrong haha :P
You could try using Doom Seeds haha. It is only level 53 though will still have a ridicules amount of HP...
Okay, here's my story.
I went in completely underprepared. I accidentally only took eight Revivier Seeds with me. However, I decide to keep on truckin' and reset if things didn't go my way.

I only lost THREE Reviver Seeds in total. One time I was KOd by a random Charmeleon's Fire Fang, and another time we got separated by a Warp Panel and my Vulpix went down to a trio of attackers.

When we finally got to Darkrai, I was pretty tense. I only had six Reviver Seeds. However, I did what you suggested, tossing a Stun Seed at Darkrai, immoblizing him for the rest of the match. Then we went to work on his henchmen. Imprison was invaluable, immobilizing Arbok, Magmortar and Aggron. I swiftly took out Rhyperior and Magcargo with Brick Break. Behind me , Vulpix Fire Blasted Aggron. This left an immoblized Magmortar, a Mismagius (who atm was slaughtering Cresselia), and Arbok. I 2HKOd him with Wide Slash. Cress fainted and was revived. Vulpix KOd Mismagius with Extrasensory. I used Rock Slide for the KO on Magmortar.

It was just us and Darkrai. I wasn't looking forward to the inevitably ugly fight to come, when I remembered. I had a Vanish Seed from my previous venture! I ate it, then defeated Darkrai in four hits while he just looked at me (or where I should have been). It was an easy victory, much easier than in Darkness. It was all thanks to your strategy help. Thanks a mil!
Glad I helped :3
I went and grinded to level 70. Darkrai didn't last too long after that! :D