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I heard rumors on a shuckle evolution. it was bug rock ability's were solid rock sturdy and its hidden ability was contrary with
is this fake and if not shuckle with eviolite.

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please tell me its not fake I so want eviolite shuckle

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This is, as of now, fake. No new Pokemon have been announced since the release of ORAS (and that was only Mega Evolutions) and it is highly unlikely to come any new without the introduction of a new game and no new game have been announced either. Furthermore, no Pokemon have received a traditional evolution since Pokemon Diamond/Pearl was released, and with the introduction of Megas in X/Y the chance of getting a Shuckle Evolution out of the blue is slim to none. The possibility is there, but as of now no Shuckle evolution have been released.

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darn I was looking ford to eviolite shuckle
by traditional mega do you mean normal evolution?
Ofc, silly typo