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In pkmn black--

Actully my team's changed now. But just the general areas to train each basic type (grass water fire flying electric psychic fighting.. Etc...)

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If the route you came form didn't help, their are two wigs at the upper corners of the city. On the top left, their are a couple trainers and a grass field for single wild pokemon battles and dubble wild pokemon grass. On the top-right their are a series of trainers and wild pokemon grass areas and another grass area beyond the river. And you will have people to battle in the fair in the middle-right part of the city.

Thanks! Exactly what I needed! I've been training Victini he IS basically a cheat!
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First, if you havent already, you should battle with trainers around the previous routes, and all of them for mostly great experience.

If that's still not enough for you, why don't you just train by battling the Pokemon in the patches of grass in the previous routes too? They're fairy high level.

(By the way, by now I'm sure you're up to Castelia City, you can battle the people in the Battle Company. They're around the Lv 20s.)

Thanks that helps but I was more or less looking for spots to train for super-effectiveness. Like for fire pkmn training in pinwheel forest. But that helps too I didn't know that there was a battle company... That helps. Not bad but not what I was looking for.
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Train by giving someone a Exp. Share (go to Battle company and beat the Janitor) and battle with them against wild pokemon. Thats what I do, and I beat the game in under 20 hours (at least the main part...)

Hey thanks that is helpful. I was just gonna look that up too. xD!
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At nimbasa city