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Recently I trade on the GTS for a kyogre with my second yveltal (I kept another one from a previous play-through) and received a level 100 shiny Kyogre with the pokerus. It has a naive nature, mischevious personality and a "decent all around" IV's. The stats aren't on par with their maximium values so should I keep the shiny version or attempt to trade for a better Kyogre with a better nature (such as modest) and a better set of IV's?

P.S I cannot catch one in AS as I only Own OR in that set of games.


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Well, it depends.

image VS. image

If you are planning on using Kyogre competitively:

Defininitely re-trade it. Shininess is purely cosmetic, and a Kyogre with good IVs and Nature beats a subpar Shiny Kyogre any day. It may be difficult to give up this beauty, but it's for the best. Also, think of how easy it will be to trade for another Kyogre.

If you're NOT using it competitively:

By all means, keep it. This is a rare find, and that person must have been desperate for an Yveltal. Shinies are definitely good for bragging rights, and fighting with them in-game is always fun. Consider yourself lucky.