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i mean they look very similar and is bug so is he genesect and also I know the kubotops question about him being genesect.

I'm confused by what you mean. As far as I'm concerned, Armaldo has no relation to Genesect. It was just Kabutops that was modified. I also can't agree that they look similar :P
kabutops isn't genesect his water genesect is bug
But Genesect was genetically modified? Maybe it was a Water Bug Pokemon before it was fossilized. Just look up the pokedex enteries for Kabutops and Genesect. They pretty much describe the same thing. Not to mention the whole body shape is the same. Armaldo doesn't even slightly resemble Genesect :P
wait what if the pokemon genesect was mutated on was genesect another bug rock type?!

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It's a valid theory, but no one really knows.

My Theory

When you look at Kabutops and Genesect, they resemble each other greatly. To me, Genesect looks like a Kabutops with purple armour.

>Over 300 million years ago, it was feared as the strongest of hunters. It has been modified by Team Plasma.

Pokedex entry for Genesect

Here it says that Genesect was "modified." My theory is that they modified Kabutops, adding the cannon on its back, to make it stronger.

Kabutops Genesect

Kabutops and Genesect both have a similar stance, as well as an extremely similar body shape.

However, this is just a theory, so people may have different opinions. There is not written proof that Kabutops is Genesect and has been modified, although it seems very likely.

So, judging by all this, I would say it is much more probable that it was Kabutops than Armaldo.

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omg ur so awesome lol
but armaldos claws look more like genesects oh well people have opinions
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Kabutops has no relation with Genesect according to the Pokédex. The Pokédex says that it has been revived from an ancient bug pokemon. Kabutops is actually a Rock and Water-type pokemon. From my opinion, Team Plasma may not have found the complete fossil of Armaldo. They must have some how put the head onto a robot body. As for the movie, Genesect and the Legend Awakened, the Feraligatr was smart enough to know that the Genesect were Bug and Steel-types, so it used some kind of Fire-type move.
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No It wasn't
In the Pokedex entry of GENESECT from Black and White it says: This Pokémon existed 300 million years ago. Team Plasma altered it and attached a cannon to its back.
We have no clue what Pokemon Team Plasma, modified. Some People say its Kabutops but that ain't canon, I checked Armaldo and they don't share even a little similarity but unfortunately none of this is canon. Just a theory...

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I have my own answer
It was an ancient legendary called geneticsect(working on the name) and they were very rare and team plasma found 5 of them and no one has found any other fossil of it and is a bug and rock type and looked similar to it. made up but something.