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Someone told me genesect changes with GT or something everytime he levels up, and that I shouldn't use him until I have the drives. What the heck are they talking about? If anyone has any info, please share.


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I'm not sure about the GT part, but here's some info about Genesect:
The Drives (Chill, Shock, Douse, Burn) give Genesect's Techno Blast. Chill gives Ice-type, Shock gives Electric-type, Douse gives Water-type, and Burn gives Fire-type. The person may be talking about these types, or maybe STAB. Of courese, you can still use Genesect if you wish. Mine was a key in defeating the Gym Leaders. Well, if I get any more info about this GT thing, I'll post. Hope you find my extra info helpful! Sorry about dodging the original topic. :( Oh well.

Whats STAB?
Same Type Attack Bonus. When, let's say, a Psychic-type uses a Psychic attack, the move gets a 10% boost. It used for every single type.
50%, not 10%
Ah. Oops, my bad xD
Adabtability really helps STAB
and how does that apply here?? Genesect cannot have Adaptability.