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I have a 5iv Ditto (31/31/31/0/31/31) and a 4 iv Weedle (31/31/31/0/??/31), Ditto holding the destiny knot while the Weedle holds the everstone. I was really expecting a 5 iv Weedle to be bred really fast, but I have bred about 40+ eggs, and still havent gotten it. I keep getting 31/31/31/0/??/0 and other 4 ivs Weedle. I was wondering if that 0 iv was the cause of making this process longer. If you know why is it that I takr such a long time in breeding this Pokemon, plz tell me.

You're referring to the chance, correct?

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Well, it is making it longer, but not because it's 0, just cause it's not 31. Destiny Knot randomly selects 5 IVs from both parents, and so there's a chance of it selecting the 0 Speed, the 0 SpA, or both. Just keep trying and you'll get a 5IV soon!

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Ok thanks!
No prob.