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I have read that special attackers should have 0 IV’s in Attack because of Foul Play damage. I’ve bred several 5IV Pokémon and can not seem to get a 0IV in Attack.

Example: I have a Timid Crobat on my team. It has 5 IV’s at 31 except for Attack.
I think that stat has 2 or 3 IV’s. Would this be good enough to use, or should I have to keep trying for a 0 in Attack?

It's also for limiting confusion damage, though it's not a huge issue.
Confusion got Nerfed, so it is used more for Foul Play. I'd say it matters more if you are raising a Pokémon that is weak to Dark Type moves. :P
Based on my own experience with competitive battling, the chance that those 2 or 3 IVs will put foul play in the next KO range, combined with the chance of actually seeing foul play, is very small.
This isn’t even that important.

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It really doesn’t matter what your Atk IVs are at all if you’re using a special attacker. While yes, it is technically most optimal to make the Atk as low as it can possibly go, but the chance that the lowered attack will actually make a difference in practice is slim to none. For all intents and purposes, it’s fine if you completely ignore the physical attack stat on your special attackers. Same goes for special attack on physical attackers.

Most notably, it only really makes a difference when you are a Psychic/Ghost/Both type and or have an IV of 31. 2-3 IVs off on a non-Ghost, non-Psychic type won't matter. :P