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for inverse battles.
no legends.
not including pure typed Pokemon.

I need clarification. Do you want to know they type combos as they are normally, out of an inverse battle, or do you want the type combos with the least weaknesses and immunities as they are within an inverse battle?
The least weaknesses in inverse battles

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Based on the effects an Inverse Battle has on Pokémon Types, the more weaknesses a type combination has normally, the more resistances it has in an Inverse Battle.

The Ten Type combinations that have the fewest weaknesses are:

  1. Steel/Fairy
  2. Steel/Flying
  3. Steel/Dragon
  4. Steel/Ghost
  5. Steel/Water
  6. Normal/Ghost
  7. Steel/Fighting
  8. Ghost/Dark
  9. Steel/Bug
  10. Steel/Ground

The Twelve (12 just for extra help) Type combinations that have the most resistances are:

  • Ice/Rock
  • Grass/Ice
  • Grass/Bug
  • Ice/Bug
  • Ground/Rock
  • Grass/Psychic
  • Ice/Dark
  • Grass/Dragon
  • Grass/Dark
  • Grass/Fighting
  • Ice/Psychic
  • Rock/Dark

Note: This applies to the types as they are within an Inverse Battle, not before one.