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What I mean by that is this
Fire burns Grass- therefore being super effective
Water Extinguishes fire- therefore being super effective again
Dark, Ghost and bug are super effective to psychic types because they are things that the mind fears

Please name all the types, why they are super effective to each other, ineffective to each other or immune to each other. I know for a fact that every single one is that way for a reason.

This questions gonna take forever.... Thanks in advance answerr!


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I really couldn't bring myself to write them down, but there is an extensive reasoning list for 4th gen types here

As for Fairies:

Super effective against Dragon: Main reason was balancing the game, but in fairytales dragons are usually defeated by the protagonist.

Super effective against Dark: Well, the Jananese name for Dark is evil, and good always overcomes evil in fairytales.

Super effective against Fighting: Brute force often doesn't get the job done in fairytales, and so magic has to be brought in. Harry Potter > A wrestler.

Not very effective against Fire: Fairies are shown to be helpless against things such as forest fires in many stories.

Not very effective against Poison: Fairies are often natural beings, and pollution weakens or kills them.

Not very effective against Steel: In many tales, fairies have an aversion to metal particularly Iron.

Hope this is what you were after c;

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