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Hmm, I would like to know which one is stronger because I'm looking for physic type Pokemon for my team but I don't know which Pokemon is stronger? could you shared your idea about it? or maybe should I use another physic type Pokemon? please let me know :) thanks


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It really depends on what you want.


Gardivoir is a special tank with high S.attack and S.defense who has a wide movepool. Alakazam for four gens had the highest S.attack in the game and has top 20 speed thus making him a sweeper he also has a decent movepool.


Gardevoir though has great S.attack and S.defense has bad defense and low speed for psychic type. Alakazam despite having amazing S.attack and speed his defenses and hp are terrible and the physical special split has removed some great moves for him like the punches.

So if you want a tank choose gardevoir. If you want a sweeper choose alakazam.

For a good moveset just look around the site.
Oh thanks I agree with you