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Some ways it ca n be foolproof are not able to be sold to shops, or non-discardable. What are all the items in ORAS that have these conditions? Also: most Key Items are like this.

There's a list of all Key Items here :http://www.neoseeker.com/forums/73502/t2080423-oras-key-items-guide-uses-locations/

Then there's the Shiny/Oval Charm and HMs
Thanks both of you!

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Items that cannot be sold in Marts:

  • All Key Items
  • All TMs+HMs
  • Master Ball
  • All Mega Stones
  • Blue Orb+Red Orb
  • Oval+Shiny Charm

The same applies to the items that cannot be discarded except for Mega Stones, and Master Ball.

Source:Tested In-Game.

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I believe that the only items that fit the aforementioned criteria are Key Items. All Key Items in ORAS are as follows:

>Acro Bike/Mach Bike
Aqua Suit/Magma Suit
Clear Bell/Tidal Bell
Devon Parts/Scope/Scuba Gear
DNA Splicers
Exp. Share
Eon Flute/Ticket
Go Goggles
Old Rod/Good Rod/Great Rod
Dowsing Machine
Intriguing Stone (before it is made into the Pidgeotite)
Loot Sack
Meteorite (until Rayquaza eats it)
Mega Bracelet
Oval Charm/Shiny Charm
Pokéblock Kit
Reveal Glass
Loot Sack
Vs. Recorder
Wailmer Pail
S.S. Ticket

There are also several items that are only Key Items for a limited time, such as the Scanner, Letter, and Sea Mauville Room Keys. For a complete list of Key Items, look here.

You can also not sell any TMs, HMs, Mega Stones, or Master Balls. Note that Master Balls can be 'Trashed', so they sort of count as unreleaseable.