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I know on Battle Spot, WonderTrade, and regularTrade that it checks if Pokemon are legal, but if I battle with a friend code registered friend does it check if the Pokemon are legal? Because I don't think you could get pass Pokecheck with a Sturdy Shedina (example #1 and #2)

e.g. could I bring a Sheer Cold, No Guard Ninjask into a private wi-fi battle to a friend and not worry about it being banned or a Volt Absorb Blastoise for that matter.

Just curious if PKHeX will pay out even more.


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Private Battles are not checked for hacks. This is most likely due to the fact that the battle is between friends and isn't being used for other purposes (i.e. Online Trade, online battle, etc.)

Source: Personal experience. My friends have hacked Pokémon that can't be traded; however, they can battle me.

Thank you. So it doesn't even check to see if this is legal?: http://prntscr.com/6h1pin .
Nope lol, have fun with it
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