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And why?

I suggest OU, as it's the most popular so it'll be easy to learn about the mechanics. It is also much more 'controlled' in a way with banlists and clauses. As Ubers just simply is the banlist, so OU will be easier to get started in my opinion.
Technically speaking, Ubers is now an official tier. Anything Goes is the banlist, but currently Mega Rayquaza is the only resident.
Ubers is still bad for starters because you can just have a team full of Arceus and other op legendaries (no strategy required).
Ubers is a very viable playstyle that requires a lot of strategic thinking and building. The strategies used in the tier are on par if not more impressive than the ones used in OU and it has clauses as well, so a team of 6 Arceus isn't allowed.  You seem to  be confusing Ubers with AG.Also, in a tier where majority of the Pokemon are legendary (which means nothing competitively), the Pokemon aren't really OP. It's just OU with magnified power, making weaker Pokemon less viable  and the most powerful equal to each other, but I do agree with OU being a better starting point.
Eh Ubers is completely offensive. Many defensive playstyles aren't very viable in Ubers. I agree with your other points tho.
It's completely preference. If you like the good ol' OU, then that's what you choose. If you choose the power of legendary pokemon, and are fine with having to deal with Primal Groudon and other OP stuff, Ubers is fine as well.

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It depends on how expanded your competitive knowledge is and how you see Pokemon. If you still regard legendary Pokemon to be OP af in every tier, then I wouldn't recommend doing Ubers, mainly because being labelled a legendary Pokemon doesn't affect how good you function in battle, just that most tend to function very well.
Generally OU is more recommended due to it being a very great beginning point in competitive battle, if not the best. If you can master OU, and by mastering I don't just mean being able to beat a few people you know, but actually understanding how the metagame functions, you will usually have a rather easy time dealing with other tiers, mainly because actually understanding the tier leads to great general development in predicting skills and other cognitive requirements.
The following may sound a bit odd, but it isn't that easy to equalize OU with Ubers as they are very different tiers. One thing that puts of many people is the fact that many of their favourite Pokemon simply do not work in Ubers, leading them to put the blame on its residents, which mainly consist of the most potent legendary Pokemon and megas. Pokemon from lower tiers can work in Ubers, but before you can do that you will usually need a lot of experience in the tier. Many people get the impression that Ubers is OU with the possibility to use legendary Pokemon, but with that mindset, you will get the wrong vision on the tier. You should do the reverse, Ubers is Ubers with the possibility to use Pokemon from the tiers below, just like how OU is OU with the most consistently successful teams using Pokemon that have made their home in that certain tier. Due to the Ubers metagame working on a very magnified scale when put into comparison with OU, the cognitive requirements are also greatly magnified, making knowledge on every possible thing every viable Pokemon in the Ubers metagame can do of great importance and utility.

With this being said, it comes down on you analysing your own abilities in competitive battling. Starting with Ubers for a team is definitely not a bad move and mastering it doesn't take long, but truly understanding it can take longer, depending on every individual of course.
If you like a challenge and are aware that your competitive skills still need a good amount of polishing, which isn't a bad thing, Ubers would be very interesting to try out. But when building a team for any tier you are conscious about having limited knowledge on, it is most commendable to seek the advise of users who specialise in the tier. Without the intent to smogonify anyone or w/e people call it, the tier rooms on main are a great source.
But generally, between the 2, putting my view on a more general scale, OU is the most commendable tier of the 2 to build a team for.

I obviously do not know your competitive abilities so making the choice for you could lead in me overestimating or devaluing someone I do not know, but like I have and everyone else in the comment section has said quite a few times, building a competitive team for OU is the most recommended option.

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I heartily agree with the first point, about not all Legendaries being OP… my pet peeve is when people refuse to use Pokémon like Thundurus because they deem it "OP" just because it's a Legendary.
Ikr :l
My friends have the same problem so I abbuse things like recycle Lum Cresselia >:) as punishment
Omg wow such a long answer XD
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If you're a beginner, I recommend OU as it is the most is written about and covered tier in Pokemon. IMO it is the best place to start, as smogon writes about it a lot in their online magazine The Smog. You should probably read that before starting. If you're using anything not Pokemon Showdown, this answer might not help you as their meta games are going to be a little different. After you settle in OU, at least to understand the meta, find a tier you like. I hear RU is pretty fun, for example. PU, a newly official Metagame is young so getting involved in that community could give you helpful experince with other player's thought processes. Or you could delve into more obscure, unofficial metagames like FU(forgot to use), etc. but yes OU is likely the best starting point. Ubers is a very large scale meta, so you'll get random hardly viable crap like shuca berry Rhypherior, or FEAR Aron. You need to have great knowledge of the other tiers to play Ubers well, since it allows the most mons( sorry mega Rayquza). Just be weary of all the different mons in there, like sticky web Ariados and you'll do fine. Good luck trainer!

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I thought FU meant something else…
Lol it does