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For those who don't know, FWG stands for Fire/Water/Grass core. This is a three-Pokémon core where at least one member has the Fire type, one has Water and one has Grass. Here's an example:

image the Fire
image the Water
image the Grass

This is a common core because the combination of Fire, Water and Grass typing each in some way cover the weaknesses of each other.

Another common core is called the Fantasy Core. This consists of the Steel, Dragon and Fairy types. They are called the Fantasy core because Steel = knights, Fairy = magic, and Dragon = dragons. Here's a good example of the Fantasy Core:

image the Knight
image the Dragon
image the Princess

As with the FWG Core, the Fantasy Core each cover each other's weaknesses.

I usually like to fit these cores onto teams. However, having both requires using up all six slots, which may or may not be problematic. As such, I want to be able condense these two cores into as few Pokémon as possible, preferably three.

Heatran is the first example I found, containing both the Fire and Steel types. Are there any other combinatioons like this? Is there more than one?

NOTE: This is for VGC (Doubles).

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Heatran - Fire - Steel

Azumarill - Water - Fairy

Mega Sceptile - Grass - Dragon

Heatran - Fire - Steel

Kingdra - Water - Dragon

Whimsicott - Grass - Fairy

Mega CharizardX - Fire - Dragon

Azumarill - Water - Fairy

Ferrothorn - Grass - Steel

All the ones I can find. Kinda limited.Did not include ubers
Fire/Steel - Heatran
Fire/Fairy- None
Fire/ Dragon - Mega CharizardX, Reshiram
Grass/Steel - Ferrothorn
Grass/Fairy - Whimsicott
Grass/Dragon - Mega Sceptile
Water/Steel - Empoleon
Water/Fairy - Azumarill
Water/Dragon- Kingdra, Palkia

Whimsicott - Grass - Fairy

Empoleon - Water -

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well damn VGC >.>
Great answer! Heatran - Azumarill - Sceptile sounds interesting.
Not to mention Mega Scept absorbs T-waves and T-bolts meant for Azu.