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I found it in the pokemon fan club in Icirrus City. talk to a man in there, show your pokemon which already >29 level higher since you trained it, and you get Exp Share

But, my friend told me that you can get it in Castelia City. But, I don't know where...
Thnx! My pokemon need to be lvl29?
Nope, for example, you catch Patrat lv5, you can get exp.share if your Watchog is lv35 (29 or more level higher)
Ohh, now I get it.
In castelia the building left of the poke center. Go to the 55th floor and kill (beat) the janitor. He feels happy he gives you the exp share. On the building they have
Don't ask why...
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You get two. In Castelia City, get through the Battle Company and defeat the Manager, he will give you the exp. share.
You can then go to Pokemon Fan Club, and if a pokemon has max happiness he will give you another exp. share!

Sorry, I mean that 29 or higher level thing. I'm not sure how you get it acually, he just always gives it to me, lol
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Of course,When you are getting it from Castelia City, you don't have to go through both floor levels.You can go directly to the top Floor and battle the manager.It takes about 3-4 battles to get to the Manager and of course,you can skip people.

What level would those pokemon be? I would like to know before I get in over my head.
They're from about 10-25.
Its easy really.
What do you mean?
The pokemon that the trainers have in there have levels ranging from lvl10-25. get it now?^^
Why didn't you just comment on your previous answer?
Oh... well edited Kawaii Terlor.