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I mean in XY. They give him three Pokemon that are weak against electric types, Hawlucha, Froakie, now Frogadier, and Fletchling, now Fletchinder. Why the heck do they give him Hawlucha?! He's ugly, and terrible! Sorry to those who like him, I just hate him. And then they give him Goomy?! What the heck were the writers thinking?! It said so itself in the episode that Goomy was the worst dragon type!

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Nah. Goomy is a deity.
Amen, Scilicet. Amen.


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Most likely because of the same reason they decided to throw out Charizard, a show isn't fun if there is no challange. In any medium, if there is no challange or difficulty it would be incredibly boring. Having those Pokemon could simple be about showcasing the new Pokemon.

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Also I think it is because friendship is the important thing in the anime,.Ash can beat very strong Pokémon with his Pikachu, because their friendship is strong.
But seriously, the writers couldn't give him a little bit better Pokemon? I know Frogadier is going to evolve into Greninja and Fletchinder is going to evolve into Talonfkame, but I still mad at the writers.
In the anime, it seems that love for your pokémon>hardcore training and strong pokémon. If the pokémon anime world was the same as the games, Ash would probably be losing every battle unless his pikachu is level 100.